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Our specialist pharmacy stocktaking business is trusted by customers in all medical settings. We combine data capture technology with operational know-how, to provide every customer with a cost-effective stocktake service that reflects their individuality.

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Orridge’s roots are in pharmacy stocktaking. Our customers range from many independent sole-site operators, through to varying pharmacy groups and large corporate pharmacy organisations. Every pharmacy customer is tremendously important.


Meet the team

Matt Watson

Client Account Manager

Mike Rumball

Pharmacy Services Manager

Mark Humphreys

Client Relationship Director


GreenLife PHARMA

GreenLife PHARMA is a pharmacy management consultancy group, that has supported and developed over 50 pharmacies across the UK


Shaunak’s Pharmacy

Waterstones first opened in Old Brompton Road, London, in 1982. It trades from nearly 300 shops on high streets and shopping centres throughout the UK, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands.


Dean & Smedley

Dean & Smedley is a family-run pharmacy offering healthcare and related services to the local communities in Burton-on-Trent and the surrounding areas: Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire



Paydens is an independent, family-owned pharmacy group. Established in 1969, they service the public from 125 community pharmacies across the South East of England as well as an e-commerce store


See our work in practice – Orridge has a clear track record of success with a variety of businesses throughout Europe.

Who are Orridge PS?

Orridge PS are part of Orridge & Co, one of Europe’s largest stock taking companies. We specialise in pharmaceutical stocktaking and over several decades have built up an excellent reputation throughout the healthcare community.

How long have Orridge PS been around?

We were founded in 1846 by Benjamin Orridge, appointed pharmacist to Queen Victoria and a founding member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Council.

What sectors of Pharmacy do you provide services to?

We cover all sectors of the pharmaceutical industry, and this includes Pharmacies and Doctors surgeries, from independents through to national groups. Both Hospital and Supermarket Pharmacies. The former group includes Mental Health areas, Outpatient wards, any of the specialist units along with the main hospital pharmacies. Furthermore, we capture data for both Robotic Pharmacies and the Pharmaceutical manufacture and Supply Chain industries which can vary significantly in scale and complexities.

How do you provide the service?

Using the latest barcode scanning technology, we capture data for each and every product within a site. This takes out assumptions of grouping similar stock together and so provides an accurate valuation. The practices we use prioritise dispensing over the stocktake as we understand that your patients should always come first. The staff we supply for a stocktake are trained pharmacy members of our team and have the full support of a dedicated management structure behind them.

So what can I get out of having a stocktake?

For every stocktake we provide a full category stock breakdown; this provides you with valuation information by location e.g. Fridge, CD cabinet, dispensary. We can also provide a date-checking service when completing a stocktake to identify any short-dated stock along with completing delivery checks on the day of the stocktake and comparing this to any delivery notes.

I want to sell / buy a pharmacy so can you help me?

Yes, we can. We specialise in providing accurate pharmacy valuations for these circumstances, and many others, and our dedicated team understand the pressures that these events can cause. Dedicated account managers will liaise with you every step of the way so that should a short notice postponement be needed along with a new date, we understand this and will work with you to ensure that you get what you need. There’s no hidden costs or charges to this work as everything will be made clear during the start of your journey with Orridge.

Do I need to provide you with anything before a stocktake?

All we require is an approximate value of the stock that you hold which enables us to provide the correct resource to count it all in a timely manner. Our pharmacy database has been developed and maintained in house using leading industry data sets alongside boots on the ground information. This leads us to provide you with a suite of reports that will be customised to your needs.

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