Leading the way in Europe

In late 2016, dissatisfied with the inaccuracies and results he was receiving with their global supplier, their European Loss Prevention Director, entered discussions with Orridge and introduced a trial of 14 full stock counts across the European estate.

Today, Orridge undertake a full rolling inventory programme throughout the year covering 900 stores across the UK and Europe.

Reaping the rewards

“The bespoke reports that Orridge produce are great. I am able to share data and reports across the business with buyers, merchandisers, and the CEO and my loss prevention team are able to tap into the reports to see what is delivered to each store against existing stock and where it is located.

“All too often we hear that sales are poor due to theft. Accurate stockfiles through good inventory processes and controls allow us to pinpoint and support sales, which can often be attributed to count inaccuracy and poor processing through the till points. These reports allow us to balance stock movement and sales history so that we can monitor store performance. It also allows us to track stock not on sale and the duration that this stock has been in the store stockroom.

“Inventories add real value especially when the count data can be used in this way. It allows both loss prevention and retail to focus on the opportunities to improve store performance in Sales and Stockloss. The stocktakes provided by Orridge identify many situations, including distribution issues up the line too”.