The background

We asked their European Outlet Manager, why outsourcing works for them.

“By outsourcing we can have experts, we can have professionals, we can have people who understand what it takes to stocktake; they have the right people, the right procedures, the right process as well as the right equipment, giving us the efficiency we need throughout the whole chain of events.

“Orridge has been our chosen partner for nearly six years now; as we have grown our company, they have had to grow with us. They have held our hand every step of the way to making stocktaking an important part of our audit process”.

What’s the most important factor for you?

“The flexibility that Orridge offers us is absolutely essential to our retail business and we rely on Orridge to help us through the demands of stock control, audit trail and stock compliancy.”

“The most important indicator to any stocktake success is the level of shrinkage. When we started seven years ago, average shrinkage results were between 3-10%, which is unacceptable for American stocks compliancy. Since Orridge has been on board with us, we have achieved a benchmark of 2% shrinkage throughout all of our channels

“It is important that we get these tolerances right throughout all of our retail channels and with the help of Orridge, we have been able to improve our procedures, the efficiency and the amount of shrinkage within our stores.”