A specialist engineering company which focuses on renewable energy components was looking for a full stocktake of their portfolio of products. The business is constantly expanding its offerings to customers and needs an up-to-date count of everything currently in their inventory. Orridge Supply Chain Services (SCS) prioritise sustainability throughout our stocktaking solutions and operations, which positioned us to be the perfect partner to undertake this work.

What was required?

A full wall-to-wall stocktake such as this requires careful collaboration between our dedicated account manager and the client to guarantee satisfaction.

Orridge were soon able to develop a bespoke solution and mobilise a team of skilled auditors to carry out the stocktake, all on time and within budget. Accuracy and speed were our focuses for this project, providing correct and detailed data to the client without compromising efficiency.


The client was extremely satisfied with the speed, efficiency, and cost of the bespoke stocktaking solution we were able to provide. In particular, the client was impressed at how quickly we were able to assess the complexities of the situation before developing and then mobilising a tailored project to accommodate it.

The client is keen to work with Orridge SCS again in an ongoing capacity and are exploring the other stocktaking and supply chain solutions Orridge provide.