The background

We spoke to the Commercial Manager from Wilko to find out why they outsource their stocktaking and what the benefits have been.

Why did Wilko choose to outsource stocktaking?

“Initially Wilko utilised store staff for counting stock. We needed an alternative method to enbable us to gain better visibility on stock replenishment and store performance across the network, and a need to reduce costs from a shrinkage and stock management viewpoint.”

What benefits have you seen?

“Orridge provided an independent view, with full visibility, which allowed us to focus on the issues identified as opposed to the physical count.

Our Store Managers were freed up from the operational responsibility that comes with conducting a stocktake and, together with our staff they were able to focus on core activity instead. Selling products and serving our customers.

Orridge delivered a bespoke stocktaking system for us that has helped to control costs and assisted in increasing sales.”

About us…

Orridge work hard to ensure that its clients receive the best service possible, enabling them to focus all their efforts on increasing sales and enhancing stock efficiency.

Orridge provide unbeatable customer service and our clients trust in the commitment and work ethic of our staff and the advanced technology they provide to ensure our clients are supported.