Perpetual Customer Care

Throughout every Orridge business, our uniting goal is to establish sustainable and beneficial customer relationships. Gaining and maintaining our customers’ trust is essential to our success. We are proud to have developed long-term working relationships that put customer needs above all else.



Our first task is to understand your priorities through careful and detailed exploration and consultation.

Appropriate stocktake procedures are developed according to your specifications, reflecting on our vast experience when establishing how best to deliver it.

We connect our IT development team with your stakeholders, creating a bespoke stocktake operating system and insightful management reporting to best serve your stores and head office stakeholders.


Working closely with you to discuss and understand your individual needs.



You are assigned a dedicated project manager from day one, ensuring everything we do is perfectly tailored to your needs.

The operations team is engaged in your account development and is influential in the preparatory stage. Your input is encouraged and valued at every stage of our partnership.

Site visits are tailored to your needs to ensure your stores’ individual specialities are met. Indicative pricing is provided based on efficiency estimates.


Taking early steps to ensure everything is ready before we start to work together.



Trial counts are organised to ensure:

  •  The service can be demonstrated and fine-tuned based on the initial work.
  • Productivity projections can be converted from theory to reality.
  • Realistic pricing is calculated based on the costs associated with providing the service sustainably.


Trial work validates assumptions and refines the service.



Our established pricing model is transparent and competitive – we guarantee that there are no hidden costs.

We collaborate with you to establish a work schedule that suits your business needs, conducting our work at times that cause minimal disruption.
A service level agreement (SLA) is formalised to guarantee service excellence.


Putting our optimised service into practice in a way that suits your business.



The right client account manager is assigned to you and your account is transitioned away from project management.

Key Performance Indicator reporting is reviewed frequently in the implementation stages, ensuring the SLA is met.


Partnering you with a dedicated account manager and moving away from the setup stage.



Once our work with you is demonstrably stable and consistent, we will collaborate to continually improve our service moving forward. We introduce ways to enhance the store experience, recognising that the point of delivery is paramount. We develop increasingly insightful management reporting, making the data we collect go further. Stock availability improves, sales increase, and customer satisfaction and loyalty rise.

Our stocktake teams become more cost-effective, working harmoniously with your store teams, and the service adapts to reflect these gains.


Adapting our service over time to ensure continuous improvements throughout the supply chain.


See our work in practice – Orridge has a clear track record of
success with a variety of UK businesses.

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