We asked their Loss Prevention Operation and Development Manager, to reveal the advantages they have seen since working with Orridge.

What do the stocktakes you receive from Orridge enable you to do?

“Outsourcing with Orridge gives us enormous flexibility to be able to create stock count strategies/programmes that are designed to minimise shrinkage. The stocktakes allow us to:

  • Maintain product files
  • Check availability
  • Manage stock
  • Identify rate of loss
  • Identify internal theft problems.

Why do WHSmith use third party stocktaking services?

“WHSmith use third party stocktaking services because it saves time, maintains the focus of managers whilst creating independent assessments which are consistent at a professional service level”.

What benefits have you seen from outsourcing your stocktaking?

“One of the biggest benefits has to be the accurate reporting enabling comparative analysis. However, we have also:

Orridge works hard to ensure that its clients receive the best service possible service enabling them to focus all their efforts on increasing sales and enhancing stock efficiency.

Orridge provides unbeatable customer service and our clients
trust in the commitment and work ethic of Orridge staff and the advanced technology they provide to ensure our clients are supported.