Spring is now upon us, which means it’s the perfect time to start some spring cleaning around your business.

That includes looking at making efficiencies across your retail operations and supply chain, allowing you to free up your staff and resources to provide a better service to your customers.

Read on to find out how direct to store (DTS) delivery auditing service could result in an easy drop and go service that can help you do exactly that!

What are Direct to Store Delivery Audits?

DTS audits are a supply chain service that allow supplier-to-store deliveries to be routinely audited, with the idea that it removes the need for delivery checking in-store. Crucially, this can help free up additional staff and resources and ensure better on shelf availability and service for your customers.

By checking a sample of your deliveries as they arrive in store, your staff no longer need to waste time and energy on tedious checking processes, which can often be forgotten, incorrect, or rushed anyway.

This means they can immediately start putting the contents of your deliveries onto the shelves, helping provide a steadier supply of goods to your customers, while also allowing your driver to “drop and go” with your goods.

How do DTS Audits work?

DTS audits are completed at the point of store delivery by expertly qualified Orridge auditors. These auditors will accurately measure a small sample of the total delivery, extrapolating the results across the entire shipment and preventing the need to open every individual box or item.

You can choose how often you would like these audits to take place, measuring a sample of the total number of deliveries you receive in a day, week, month, or year.

By accepting the deliveries through good faith receiving, you’ll also be saving time by removing lengthy claims processes, instead using a single regular delivery accuracy measure to use as your total claim.

What are the benefits of DTS Audits?

DTS audits from Orridge Supply Chain Services are available nationwide and you’ll be partnering with a hugely experienced supply chain solutions provider to help streamline your operations.

The main benefit of DTS audits is it allows you to remove or reallocate all instore labour allocated to the checking and claiming of supplier deliveries. These workers could instead be allocated to the store floor, warehouse, or checkout tills to help improve the customer experience or restocking process.

Secondly, DTS audits and the subsequent adoption of good faith receiving will help to drive improved supplier relationships and performances while also opening clearer channels of communication. Your supplier can drop off your materials before immediately heading back onto the road, rather than waiting for a full checking process to take place.

Additionally, the removal of lengthy in-store checks allows for better on-shelf availability for your customers, as your new stock can be put straight out rather than being held back for checks. This is especially important for short life or high demand items, as there is a great need to get them onto the shop floor as soon as possible.

Finally, the DTS auditing process is quick and easy to set up, allowing you to receive the benefits of the process immediately!

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