One of the main challenges in retail supply chain management is the careful checking of your incoming deliveries. The verification process can be labour intensive and time consuming, which is why you might want to consider implementing “Good Faith Receiving” into your supply chain processes.

But what is Good Faith Receiving (GFR), and how can it help you more efficiently manage your incoming deliveries? Read on to find out.

Good Faith Receiving is the process of accepting a delivery without going through the rigorous, costly, and often unnecessary checking process, which is an otherwise established step in supply chain management.

As the name suggests, you are accepting the delivery in good faith on the assumption that your supplier has delivered everything that you expect. Excluding specific sample checks, which will be taken out, analysed, and extrapolated across an entire delivery period, your goods will not be subject to stringent checks and will therefore be made available straight away.

Orridge will provide highly trained auditors to implement GFR auditing alongside your existing procedures at your warehouses and will then provide you and your suppliers with the necessary tools and knowledge to continue the process moving forwards.

Are your deliveries often urgent? Do you need to start using your stock right away? Implementing GFR means that your stock will be available almost immediately, allowing for the quick turnaround and processing of goods.

For supermarkets and high street retailers, deliveries are often time sensitive and contain crucial items that are needed for almost immediate-dispatch. If you then spend hours unpacking each delivery to ensure it is all correct.

Carrying out detailed checks on a delivery is a time-consuming process and will often take up several valuable hours of your staff’s time. For particularly large deliveries, you may even have multiple staff members going through the deliveries, which stops them from doing other, more important duties at your facility.

Implementing Good Faith Receiving lets you simply and quickly organise your delivery without wasting time delving through its contents. This means your staff can turn their attention to other duties and can help you more easily assign them where they are needed and may even allow you to reduce the amount of staff you have on large delivery days.

The checking process for selected samples is quick and easy using Orridge stock taking equipment, providing real time data on the delivery both quickly and easily. This process can help you drastically reduce the time you spend on claims as our data is both reliable and robust.

Should any claims or queries arise, our GFR processes provide quick and easy resolutions to help you get back on track in no time.

Another key benefit for GFR is that you can substantially improve supplier relationships by reducing your claims and improving the efficiency of delivery acceptance.

Your suppliers will be able to send their drivers to simply drop off the delivery and then head straight back onto the road, improving their transport efficiency and reducing the time spent waiting for whole shipments to be analysed.

Long-term GFR adoption can help facilitate strong communication and build trust between you and your suppliers, too.

GFR is a simple process to run and is easy to set up in your business at your facilities. Orridge can conduct an audit on stocktaking procedures and find out exactly how you approach your logistics management and what items you get delivered.

Once you have established the new process with your suppliers, we will provide a specialist team of highly trained auditors to conduct sample checks.

Interested in implementing GFR at your facilities and cutting your supply chain management costs? Get in touch with Orridge today! Email the office at or call one of our friendly team on 01279 775600 to speak to an expert.