Divisive, nerve-racking, and everywhere we look – the UK general election is upon us. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could put your trust in a neutral third party, who would simply do the best they can for everyone involved?

With Good Faith Receiving (GFR) from Orridge, you can do exactly that for your supply chain. But what is GFR, how does it work, and how could it benefit your business? Read our blog to find out! 

GFR is a solid performer

In terms of supply chain solutions, GFR is a modern alternative with efficiency as the main priority. 

Developed in the retail industry but applicable across any supply chain, Good Faith Receiving removes the need for time consuming and complex checks every time, especially as you know this would have been done beforehand anyway. 

Central to the concept of GFR is, as the title suggests, ‘good faith.’ The idea is that you accept your suppliers’ deliveries without needing to check the entire delivery, trusting that they have performed their job as expected and instead relying on an independent Orridge stocktaker to check a small sample of the delivery.

The data from this check is then extrapolated across the full delivery, giving you an accurate estimate of what should have arrived. This saves time, lowers costs and improves overall warehouse efficiency.

GFR puts forward a promising manifesto

At its core, Good Faith Receiving is an easy to implement strategy designed to save your business time and money within your logistics operations. 

This is because it pledges to allow for the faster movement of your supply chain and the more efficient allocation of your warehouse and staffing resources. This helps improve on shelf availability, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce labour costs.

It can even help develop more positive relationships with your suppliers as their drivers can simply drop off your goods and go whilst you can improve payment and invoice efficiency!

GFR is not about completely removing the checking process or changing established conventions, it is simply a more efficient alternative. 

Think about how much time your staff have spent checking deliveries in the past only for them to be exactly as you expected. GFR might seem like an odd process, but the highly trained auditors conducting the checks will identify any deliveries that are clearly wrong and are fully compliant with the Grocery Supply Code of Practice. 

You will receive our full support 

When choosing to adopt GFR, your business will receive the full support of the Orridge team alongside a service that is tailored to your industry and specific needs. You needn’t even be in the retail sector to reap the rewards of GFR! 

Our team will assist throughout the set-up process and will then provide you with the tools and personnel you need to continue the process. This could include supplier engagement, business case analysis, or on-site support, along with any of our other services that you may need. 

Our approach to GFR is that of a neutral third party. We aim to do what is best for both the store and the supplier, helping to improve communication between them and providing swift resolutions that are beneficial for everyone involved. 

Orridge can support your entire logistics and storage operations, providing you with perpetual inventory checks, full wall to wall stocktakes, and core line audits to ensure optimal accuracy and efficiency.

Do you think Good Faith Receiving could be the future of your supply chain, or perhaps you’re interested in finding out more information without any commitments? Reach out to the team at Orridge Supply Chain Solutions today. 

Our experts will be able to provide neutral advice and support regarding GFR and your wider logistics operations, all you need to do is get in touch.

Call the office on 01279 775 600 or email sales@orridge.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible!