Organising and managing your stock within your supply chain is no easy task. For many businesses, this process can take hundreds, if not thousands, of man-hours and significant expenditure, but can often still end up in overstocking, mistakes, and delays.

Each of these then leads to further costs or issues that can cause a real headache. Read on to find out some of the common issues experienced and what we can do to help!

Forecasting is a hugely important aspect of supply chain and stock management. Inaccurate forecasting can lead to incorrect stock levels which can lead to additional problems down the line.

If you have accidentally overstocked a particular item, you will be taking up additional space in your stockroom or warehouse, which can lead to increased storage costs. It could also prevent you from ordering more stock of another in-demand item as you have no storage space left!

If you have understocked something, you could be limiting your business opportunities as you may be turning away customers who are looking for a particular product. This is especially true during holiday periods when people are looking for gifts or decorations!

Orridge provide bespoke stocktaking and inventory management solutions to drastically improve the accuracy of your forecasting efforts, helping you provide your customers with better availability and efficiency! Our core services such as picking accuracy, PI Counting and wall to wall stock taking will ensure your inventory is maintained accurately and efficiently.

There is often nothing more important in business than data, which can help fuel business decisions and help you plan, adapt, and alter your processes to match customer demand.

Having access to real-time, accurate data is crucial in the supply chain to keep you informed on when, where, and what your deliveries are. It is also data that you use

to check and manage your inventory, allowing you to maintain the highest accuracy possible.

Orridge can help the data collection process at several points throughout the supply chain, especially at the source and in your warehouse. Our in-house technology is designed for one purpose – managing inventory.

With pick accuracy teams who can work directly with distributors to perpetual inventory checks to keep a constant flow of inventory data going into your business, our team can help ensure that you always have full visibility of your supply chain.

Accepting and checking a delivery to your store or warehouse can be a time consuming and tedious process. It can take hours for shop staff to complete the checking process, going through every item in each box individually to ensure that you’ve received everything you expect.

This can often lead to staff either cutting corners or making mistakes which can lead to further complications, like filing unnecessary complaints or over- and understocking.

It is apparent that the majority of what you receive, and check is correct since your suppliers will have done their due diligence, which means many of these man hours and mistakes could be avoided entirely.

We help to implement Good Faith Receiving (GFR) for many of our clients to vastly improve the efficiency of their checking process. By using highly qualified Orridge auditors to sample-check your deliveries, you can save on staffing costs, improve the flow of your stock, and get access to key data and query resolutions faster.

Supply chain services are simply getting more expensive. Couriers, storage, and more are charging more by the year, which is why it’s important to try and limit your expenditure as much as possible.

Orridge are built to do exactly that, ensuring that all your internal processes are as efficient and cost effective as possible. We want your staff focusing on what really matters: excellent customer service, not checking through delivery after delivery.

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